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Using the computer is essential today since through it we do multiple procedures and tasks. However, straining your eyes is not recommended, especially if we have certain difficulties. It is advisable to have high-resolution equipment that allows us easy read and quick visual understanding of what we do. At the same time, there are more and more vision problems in society, because the prolonged use of screens can cause vision deterioration and directly affects the increase in myopia. Therefore, it becomes more important than ever to protect your eyes from screens. Buying a good monitor for your computer is becoming more and more important, whether you spend a lot of time playing video games, watching movies, or working long hours in front of one. Your eyes will thank you. The most important thing to keep in mind is that our eyesight suffers a lot in front of the computer screen. We don’t move our eyes from the screen, so our eyes can quickly get tired and our eyes turn like two bell peppers. To avoid this type of eyestrain, it is necessary to buy the best monitor for eyesight.

monitors with eye protection

Despite the multiple benefits they bring to our day to day, the reality is that inappropriate use of unprepared monitors can damage our eyesight. One of the problems that prolonged exposure to these types of screens can cause is SVI (Computer Visual Syndrome), which is characterized by headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, and red eyes. We are going to take a look at the best monitor for eyesight and that is ideal for working for long periods of time.


The Optix MAG272CQR is a monitor ready for any type of use, thanks to its 27″ you will have a wide vision and with its 2K resolution you will not miss any detail, whether it is to work, play adventure games or watch movies and series. In addition, It has all the gaming features you need, a 165Hz refresh rate and only 1ms response time, and of course, it reduces blue light to prevent further visual fatigue during continuous use.

Samsung LU28R552UQRXEN


This 28-inch monitor from Samsung is 4K and offers a nearly frameless design. But besides that, it protects your eyes while you work. The screen reduces the emission of blue light, avoiding annoying yellow tones on the screen or distorted colors. It also has PBP technology, which transforms a single monitor into a double one to display content from two different sources on a single screen, one on each side. The Samsung monitor for eyestrain offers a resolution higher than Full HD, while you game, browse and stream. This monitor offers impressive images made up of eight million pixels, which allows for a more detailed on-screen result i.e it could be one of the best monitor for eyesight.

Philips Monitor 243V7QDSB/00

This is an excellent 24-inch monitor with Full HD resolution, perfect for office work. Phillips explains that this model features a LowBlue mode setting, which uses clever software technology to reduce harmful short-wavelength blue light. The IPS screen uses technology that gives you extra-wide viewing angles of 178/178 degrees, making it possible to view the screen from almost any angle.

The monitor for tired eyes has been equipped with a saving mode that provides greater energy savings. Which is done in real-time and only by pressing a button. This screen also has Philips Smart Contrast technology which performs the content analysis. To perform an automatic adjustment of the colors and controls the intensity of the backlight for dynamically better contrast. This will be the one that allows you to obtain better videos and digital images and when selecting the saving mode, the backlight and contrast are adjusted. To achieve a perfect visualization.

Xiaomi Monitor 1C

The Xiaomi 1C is a monitor that has a reduced blue light mode, which allows filtering of short-wavelength blue light that negatively affects eyesight, reducing eye stress and allowing you to work comfortably. It has a wrap-around screen design that includes an ingenious narrow bezel design on three sides that eliminates borders. This 23.8-inch monitor offers a 178-degree field of view, with vivid, lifelike viewing from every angle.

This monitor has a reduced blue light mode, which allows for filtering out short-wavelength blue light that negatively affects vision. This reduces eye stress and allows you to work comfortably, hence this feature makes it a great option as one of the best monitor for eyesight. The monitor can be tilted 15 backward and 5 forwards which help improve viewing. For the connection, it has VGA and HDMI ports so it can be easily connected to the laptop and PC.

BenQ GW2280

The BenQ GW2280 is a monitor specially designed for work. Its 21.5-inch features Brightness Intelligence Technology (BI+ Tech.) that detects ambient light in the viewing environment and dynamically adjusts screen brightness for the most comfortable viewing experience. It also features BenQ’s proprietary Low Blue Light technology that filters out dangerous blue light, effectively reducing eye fatigue and irritation. To top it all off, BenQ’s Flicker-Free technology eliminates harmful flicker from traditional LCDs to prevent damage to vision.

Asus PB278QV

This is a 27-inch professional monitor with 109 pixels per inch and offers a WQHD resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels. This allows you to enjoy a more detailed image and make better use of the screen. The Asus PB278QV monitor has been equipped with an advanced LED backlight that saves energy and guarantees better images. Because the horizontal and vertical viewing angles are 178°, true colors can be enjoyed from any position. This monitor has been equipped with Adaptive-Sync technology, which prevents image stuttering and eliminates stuttering. Also, flawless and fluid action is an advantage during games.

AOC 12381FH

The AOC 12381 FH monitor is 23 inches where you can enjoy high-resolution games and full-quality movies. This is because it has a Full HD resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. This monitor has been endowed with an IPS panel that generates brilliant colors and provides wider viewing angles. It also features AOC’s exclusive Flicker-Free technology that uses a DC backlight panel that reduces flicker light levels. This reduces fatigue and visual fatigue, so you can spend many hours before the screen in a comfortable way.



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